design ides with free standing bathtub

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Bathroom Design Ideas

Let’s take a look at this simple great bathroom design idea using free standing bathtubs only . Has the time come to redesign your bathroom? Perhaps it’s no longer meeting the needs of your family, or is simply not suited to your tastes anymore? In either case, you can rest assured that we can help. We can provide a range of bathroom design solutions for your home.

Free Standing Baths

Free standing bathtubs are becoming increasingly popular, as homeowners realise that they are not just stylish, and able to integrate wonderfully into bathrooms of all shapes and sizes, but practical too. One of the biggest benefits of free standing bathtubs is spaciousness. All of that area around the tub makes a room look airy and larger than it actually is. These baths are usually beautiful sculpted, and create a real focal point for any bathroom. The distinctive shape of a free standing bath tub can play nicely off geometric patterns on the floor and wall tiles.

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